We love our products and our farmers, therefore we love to share that with you!

Step 1.

The tastiest Fruits

We pick our fruit fresh from the most fertile fields in Colombia and bring it to our packing facilities where the fruit is inspected and selected.

Step 2.


The fruit is then thoroughly cleaned, cut and brought to a temperature of zero degrees Celsius.

Step 3.

The magic!

After freezing, the fruit is vacuumed and the moisture is removed from the fruit. Then its brought to a temperature of -50degrees Celsius by means of sublimation and thus freeze – dried.

Step 4.

We save the good stuff for you

We inspect the fruit one more time, then seal it airtight to keep it fresh, flavorful and nutritious.

Step 5.

100% Fruit

Did you notice that we don’t add anything?

This is how Jabulani on the Go arise,

your healthy snack!